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Screening Platform

We Provide When Speed, Accuracy & Price Matters

Each of your company's locations may have special needs, but you shouldn't waste your time typing all the accounting or ordering together. Records and pulls can be assigned to the one or more locations where the applicant will work. Records and invoices can be tabulate and managed at a branch level for fewer headaches and tighter record-keeping.

Sometimes, ordering a variety of bundled packages is exactly what you need. Other times, you require the highest level of customization. Our screening platform molds to fit your needs no matter how they change, and works to ensure you get the most accurate results and have the most streamlined experience.

You conduct background checks to protect your company and its workforce -- we protect your company and proactively act to ensure you stay compliant. We provide guidance on the relevant federal laws and rules to follow, to ensure you stay in line.

We are aware that once you place an order, you expect quick and thorough results.  When using our employment screening services we hope for a rapid turnaround for Credit Reports, Criminal Records, SSN traces, and MVR Records in over 45 states. All reports are emailed back to you in a timely manner. 

We strive to deliver a "Best in Class" product at a competitive price.  We provide invoicing on a monthly basis. We know employment screening can be expensive to your company's bottom line and we strive to offer you the best value in the marketplace.


We strive. Delivering the appropriate criminal record for a background check is of the utmost importance. That is why we have a vast network of researchers working toward securing the most up-to-date and accurate information for our client base. Employment screening is fast becoming the most important part of the hiring process and we promise to deliver the most accurate pre-employment screening information possible.

What applicant information should I provide?

To initiate a background screening, you should provide the subjects full name, Social Security Number, and date of birth. To obtain MVR or credit information, you should also provide their address and drivers license number. In addition to this, if you require employment, education, or professional license verification, you must provide the relevant information.

Are the reports emailed to me?

Yes. Reports can be emailed.

Do I have to order your complete package, or can I order a la carte?

Our service packages are offered as one way of providing basic services to our clients. However, we do offer a la carte services to best serve your needs.

Can you provide batch processing during the seasons we may have a large surge in applicants?

Yes! Batch processing is available.

Do you provide drug screening?

Yes, Information about our drug screening services is available here.

Does a live person answer the phone when we call?

Yes. Once you select us as your provider, you will be assigned a dedicated customer professional to handle your needs.

What would you like to know about your potential hires?

  1. Is their resume accurate? Our Employment Screening services provides information on employment, education and professional certifications.

  2. How's their driving record? We can provide information from the Department of Motor Vehicles (48 states are instant).

  3. What's their credit history like? We can provide consumer credit reports from the major credit agencies.

  4. Have they had any criminal convictions? We will search national, county and state level criminal records to provide you reassurance in this area.

    By using our Employment Services for your employment screening needs, you will save time and money while gaining piece of mind  in knowing that you are hiring the best and brightest for your company or your client's company.

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